Teapot or Hotpot Stand.

This teapot stand was made in an evening and is a simple project if you have a bandsaw and a disc/belt sander.









The fish were drawn out on the computer. The only critical thing being that the concave curve of their tails and the convex curve of their backs followed a similar profile so that they interlocked.

This interlocking was done by drawing an ellipse for the body of the fish and then copying this ellipse twice and placing it behind the body to form the shape of the tail.

The fish template









The fish template was printed out 4 times to the size required and stuck to the wood to be used. For this pot stand two plank off-cuts were used of contrasting colours.

Planks of wood









Once the fish had been cut out on the bandsaw they were sanded to the final shape. The eyes were drilled and then they were sanded all over by hand to finish.









Next the fish were drilled to take the rope which would hold them all together. One fish was drilled (8mm holes) as a template and then the position of these holes was transferred through to the other fish.

The fish were held in a small vice to ensure the holes were square to their sides.









To finish a 1 meter length of natural rope was threaded through the holes and knotted to form a handle and to hold the fish in place. The 8mm rope was a tight fit in the holes and so the fish held their position OK. If this was not the case wooden beads or more knots could be used to hold the fish apart.